The One Percent Millennial

Dated: 04/07/2016

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The top one percent of millennial in the U.S. makes $350,000 a year in salary. But its not all about money here. Money is only a piece of paper. These one percent millennials have the ability to change this world. Because they’re zigging while everybody else zags, it’s forcing people to look into better ways of doing things. They are the elite of the elite, and they hold themselves to a much higher standard. You may not have $350,000/year to prove it, but if these points resonate with you, you’ll be well on your way:

You could care less about what others think

The moment you stop being so concerned with pleasing everybody, is the moment you will start to see your real potential. When you try to mold your personality, your thoughts, and your feelings for a million people at a time, you will never find the time to be yourself. You are being inauthentic, and people see right through that.

You know this, and have proven it many times over. You invest time and energy into living life your way, regardless of what everyone else thinks.

You challenge the status quo, by any means

When something becomes common, everyone else is doing it, and people are afraid to do otherwise, you can almost bet that there are some flaws in that thought. But this creates huge opportunity, so it’s time to look at something new.

You know you are on “One Percent” status when someone makes a point and you immediately start to challenge that thought. You notice the other side of the coin, and sometimes, even look for a ways to prove them wrong. It’s like your instinct is automatically attracted to making a huge claim in spite of majority disagreement - and proving them wrong. That’s one hell of a feeling!

You are Never Satisfied

The W is never enough. There is always room for improvement, or at least from your perspective. You are harder on yourself than anyone else could possibly be, and this is what keeps you striving. Even when those around you want to let off of the gas when certain accomplishments are made, easing up gives you an uneasy feeling. You constantly wonder, “Am I doing enough?” Being super critical of yourself, you quickly pull yourself out of the celebration and ask “whats next?”.

You Dare to take Risk

Risk is just a way of life. You have so much confidence in yourself, you develop an attitude of certainty. This attitude creates the idea that success is only a matter of trial and error - accepting that you cannot just skip the last part… Error. You know temporary failure is bound to happen, so why not just get it over with? One percent millennials welcome failure. We take it on the chin and keep it moving.

Daily Growth is the Real Key to Success

Staying stagnant is the biggest waste of time for you. You measure your progress daily and your whole mood depends on it. You are the happiest when you are getting things done and getting better. You set spiritual, emotional, financial, social, physical goals, and you see to it that these goals be hit. Get off track just the slightest bit, and you notice that your energy will start to change. You will get into panic mode, and do whatever it takes to get back on track.

Embrace the 99

Do the math. One percent of 1,000 people is 10 people that can speak this language. One percent of 10,000 people will give you only 100 that can walk this walk. So when it boils down to it, you accept that the way you think, your values, and your habits won’t line up to 99% percent of people you come across. It’s cool, nothing against them! You’re just wired different. So when you can’t seem to see eye to eye with someone in business, your friendships stay on shuffle, and you feel like nobody understands you, don’t trip! Most people are not going to be like you! Keep being true to yourself and wearing your values on your sleeve. They aren’t supposed to understand.

“The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before” -Albert Eintein

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The One Percent Millennial

The top one percent of millennial in the U.S. makes $350,000 a year in salary. But its not all about money here. Money is only a piece of paper. These one percent millennials have the ability to

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